Niagara school levy going up

NIAGARA, Wis. – The Niagara School Board held its annual meeting Monday and approved a preliminary budget and millage rate.

The proposed millage levy is $1,473,463 an increase of 26 percent over last year’s rate. Final budget numbers will not be known until the third Friday count in September and the final state aid figures are released in the fall.

The district is projecting revenues of $4,959,209, an increase from last year’s unaudited budget of $4,834,619. Expenditures are projected at $4,877,939, down from last’s figures of $4,936,690. The district is budgeting about $180,000 less than last year in state aid.

The district is hoping to increase the fund balance to $802,444, up from $721,174.

District Administrator Dan Nett explained that the district’s business manager, Patti Hammill, uses very conservative figures when projecting the budget. The pupil count changes daily as new students come and go to the district.

In other business, during the regular meeting prior to the annual meeting, Karl Lamoreaux was hired as girls varsity basketball coach and Steven Derwinski as boys junior varsity basketball coach.