People more important


Did you catch the article on the front page of Monday’s paper? Cost to raise child $245,000.

What’s a young couple supposed to do with that knowledge? “I can’t afford to raise this child?”

How over whelming can it get? Who’s got that kind of money? Even when you divide it out over 18 years it’s $13,611 a year, or $261.75 a week or $6.54 an hour for a 40 hour work week.

I’m glad my parents didn’t sit down with a calculator and figure if it was worth investing in raising me or not.

There’s several ways to look at this aren’t there?

1. I can’t afford a child therefore I’ll abort what I have started and wait.

2. I have a big investment in some else’s life and this is a big responsibility. My wife and I raised four boys.

Could we afford it? I don’t know. Did we make an investment? Absolutely!

Life is worth more than the dollars I could use for other things. People are more important than things.

Anthony W. Adams