Quite the opposite


All the time I think back to the early years being late 1930, 1940 and 1950.

These were the golden years of living.

That time was before America started down the wrong path, before we became a Godless moral-less nation with a recreational drug fetish.

Tattoos were seen only on circus freaks and pirates, cocaine, rudeness, sloppy dress, “dressed up to church.”

Hollywood didn’t glorify adultery, homosexual, promiscuity, and extreme violence.

Back in those years we benefited from God, discipline, and patriotism was permitted in our schools. Now it’s Marxism and atheism.

How goofy we have become when four Americans are killed in Libya and it’s just a political oops. I am saddened by millions of Americans who no longer put a high value on life.

Kill the babies but save the dogs and cats and now chipmunks.

A presidential candidate who was secretary of state said “what difference does it make?” Stupidity is being spread all over the place even in our high places in government.

Four Americans die for their country U.S. of A., but “what difference does it make.” Now she wants to be president of the U.S of A. Stuck on stupid.

We also had the desire to give rather than take a spirit. That is quite the opposite today.

We have elected a president, who and what he does is blame others for his inadequacies.

Hope is beginning to fade for many of us and thank God for what I got and where I am, and I got enough.

Joseph Massie