Know how to be a loser

A few weeks ago I was at City Park watching some elderly men and women play bocce ball. One of the ladies beat her husband in a bocce contest, the hubby moped around the rest of the games, and in general acted very adolescent.

My point is this, in life you’ve got know how to be a loser before you can ever be a winner. If you don’t figure that out in life, you’ll always be a loser.

Have a nice day, folks.


saved my life

This is in response to the August 2 question in the Speak Out.

Dear Crazy, the writer of the question, “How’s that Obama thing working out for ya so far?”

Thanks to that “Obama thing,” I was able to get in to see a doctor, get some much needed tests, and get my serious condition under control.

So, you see, that “Obama thing,” may not have been working for you, however that “Obama thing” probably saved my life and that of countless others, as well.

A Muslim


This is a reply to “Sit back.”

I have lived in Dearborn and he only tells part of the story concerning Muslims there.

They have taken over the eastern part of the city and on Warren Ave. It is almost impossible to find any business signs in English there. Many of the school board are Muslim, so it must be safe to assume that it is them who want the teachers in Dearborn Public Schools to speak Arabic. Muslims also have City Council and police positions. They want to live under their customs to the extent that they want Sharia Law in Dearborn.

Muslims have brought pregnant women to this country to give birth here on our welfare money. (Way back in 1984, the state welfare forms were printed with both English and Arabic.)

Stop and think about this. Those welfare babies are now adults and can freely come and go into our country because they are legally U.S. citizens.

Could some of these young Muslims have terrorist backgrounds? It’s possible. And we can’t stop them at the border.

As for the White House, Obama has been seen wearing a Muslim ring.

He bowed down to Muslim leaders on foreign trips. And finally, he has appointed Muslims to government positions.

Could all this lead to a Muslim takeover from within? You bet it can.

November is fast approaching and I urge you to vote American.

An exciting


In the old country several centuries ago – and in Michigan today – the governing elite thought that the peasants were just too dumb, or otherwise incapable of governing themselves. Such tasks were better left to higher authorities.

We try to set up democracy in America; the Michigan Constitution affords citizens the right to challenge new laws. Here is a tale in which Senator Casperson and the Michigan legislature circumvents the processes set in place not once, but twice.

The legislature ensured wolves would no longer be a protected non-game species; ignored the fact that problem wolves can still be managed as a protected species; ensured wolves would be a hunted game animal and now, passed legislation to ensure wolf hunts will continue disregarding the democratic process.

They don’t really want the great unwashed populace to weigh in on hunting wolves.

You see, such decisions are best left to science and scientists. The peasantry can’t possibly understand such complex issues as science.

It turns out, though, that there are scientists among the peasantry, actual wolf researchers, biologists, conservation experts.

Are they on the Natural Resource Commission, the decision making council?

No actual scientists there. Not one has a degree in natural resources or wildlife. Rather, this politically appointed body is comprised of members of the very same hunting organizations that spearheaded this legislation.

Calling the process scientific is not enough. Even we peasants see the truth.

Democracy was an exciting adventure. Too bad it’s not happening in Michigan.

Fired for

being stupid

I’m watching the Ferguson Missouri police on TV with my mouth open as they are arresting journalists.

What are these people thinking? I have never seen a police department so disconnected with their community and with common sense.

Can’t think of a way to get worse press coverage than to arrest and assault reporters.

They should at least be fired for being stupid.

So many

stupid things

Amnesty is not fair, kind, or Christian. It lures illegal immigrants here to live in poverty and outside of normal society.

I believe we should assimilate legal immigrants and make sure they learn and speak English and renounce their former nationality to become full Americans.

We must install an un-scalable fence the entire length of the U.S./Mexico border. Americans must provide their Social Security number for security reasons when applying for a job and free stuff.

Amnesty has opened the floodgates. Obama has triggered this crisis by failing to protect the border and to faithfully execute immigration laws.

He has actively dangled incentives to ensure more illegals to come. He has and will break every law that stops illegal from pouring into our country.

How’s that Obama thing working out for “ya” so far?

Obama hates Christians, but loves to see what’s happening because a new executive order will legalize about half of the 11 million current illegal immigrants. Amnesty anyone?

Gee, this Chicago-style gangsterism is working out pretty good. Don’t you think? There is so many stupid things going on, and I can’t keep up.

Am I going crazy, or what?

Above the

Call of Duty

Having had a relative (by marriage) who was a tail gunner in the “Eighth Air Force” over Europe in World War II, I am well aware of the deadly hazards that these gallant Americans faced.

As such, I took it upon myself this morning to call the “White House Comment Line” to inquire as to why Colonel Robert Knight Morgan (1918-2004) was never awarded (to my knowledge) this nation’s highest award for heroism.

To my knowledge, Robert Morgan, a native of Asheville, N.C. flew some 25 deadly missions over Europe, and was among the first to survive this feat at a time when many a brave American flying those Flying Fortresses (B-17s) were dying in the process, some on their very first mission.

Robert Morgan then volunteered to fly a B-29 Super Fortress in the Pacific Theatre of War, and to my knowledge, completed yet another 25 missions there (a total of 50 plus missions in all) – an almost unbelievable accomplishment.

Yet, and to my knowledge, this heroic aviator was never awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, why is that?

Colonel Morgan has since expired, but I ask you Mr. President, if his actions were not far and above the Call of Duty, and deserving of this magnificent medal (MOH), then what, pray tell, is?

As such, I again respectfully request that the president consider the posthumous award of the Medal of Honor to this exceptionally gallant American, who incidentally was also portrayed in the movie “Memphis Belle.”

A sacred


Some groups of people have become mired down within their own little worlds. Worlds that wreak of decay, superstition, privilege, and arrogance, even where no arrogance is merited or due. These individuals have inevitably lost sight of the things that made us great to begin with – the enterprise, the creativity, the sacrifices, and even the pride that comes from being different in many productive ways.

What amazes me even more, however, is the fact that many a foreign entity hungers to become what we are, but the moment that they are assimilated into the great melting pot, they immediately set about the task of attempting to change us all into a carbon copy of the society that they left behind them and this in itself, stinks of hypocrisy.

Maybe someone should have informed these people that when something works, you do not attempt to fix it. Also, you do not enter another person’s home as a guest, and then try to take over the roost.

But most importantly, when a government (any government), aids and abets such a moral and social takeover, that government has lost sight of its prime mandate, along with forgetting who it is that supplies much of the blood, sweat, tears, and finances.

Finally, being a good American is not a matter of color, creed, social status, religious preference, or even national origin.

It is rather an honor, and a sacred obligation.


have a say

Survey says Breitung Township residents (Kingsford) want to consolidate with Iron Mountain.

I live in Kingsford and pay taxes, (am a) homeowner, and registered voter. Everyone that pays taxes should get a say.

There are many more people in the school district who did not get a survey. Kids or no kids in school, if they pay taxes, they should have a say and it should not be made by a few.

It has a way of affecting people financially and otherwise.