Colorado Yoopers plan annual picnic, gifting event Sept. 28

Lakewood, Colo. – The Colorado Yoopers announces its annual picnic will be at noon on Sunday, Sept. 28, at Sterne Park in Littleton, Colo.

If you know of family or friends from the Upper Peninsula that wants to attend or get on the list of Yoopers in Colorado, have them contact

“The picnic is a fun day with sharing a plate of food with the group, eating pasties and picking up frozen pasties for future use,” said a spokesperson.

The group wears a nametag including a city from the Upper Peninsula. They will also play U.P. trivia and award prizes.

This year they are selling Colorado Yoopers T-shirts for $15. Different colors and sizes are available.

They are also requesting non-profit groups of the Upper Peninsula who would like to receive funds to send requests to the same website attention Carl Johnson.

The group reviews each request for donations as they come in and shares donations among all requests or provides one lump sum to a few non-profits. They ask that requests be sent in as soon as possible.

Colorado Yoopers has done annual picnic and winter events in the Denver area for the past 16 years.

The new website,, has allowed many people of the Upper Peninsula to contact others that live in the area.