Serve and protect


As the wife of a retired Michigan State Police Trooper/Sergeant, I feel I must respond to the unbelievable turn of events centered around the Ferguson, Mo., shooting of an unarmed black man. I say “man” because Michael Brown was 18 years old, 6-foot 4-inches and just about 300 lbs. In years, he was still considered a teenager; however, physically, he has the body of a grown man.

I’m holding off making any snap decisions until all the facts are presented and analyzed.

What I am doing is passing judgment on those who have come forward and condemned the police officer without considering all the facts.

While the protesting crowds scream of killing an innocent teenager, they don’t have an ounce of remorse for looting, setting fires to small businesses, or threatening the law enforcement community, police officer in question and his family with great bodily harm.

I find it difficult believing this officer will ever again experience a normal life.

My husband spent 27 years of his life protecting the public.

He was sworn to uphold the law and did so with honor and integrity. It’s easy to point a finger when a police stop goes bad; however, when there’s a need for their assistance, we expect them to right the wrong at a moment’s notice.

Early in my husband’s career, his best friend stationed in Detroit was killed while responding to a robbery in his apartment complex. This trooper left behind a wife and young child. There was no outcry over his murderous death; that’s a risk police officers take.

The lawless unrest in Ferguson should’ve never happened. Their governor, instead of trying to put out the fire of hatred, continued to fan the flames by delaying action to quell the disturbances created by the mob of protestors.

If my husband was one of the Missouri police officers trying to curb the violence and protect the public, I’d beg him to quit and walk away.

Walk away from a thankless job; walk away from the violence; walk away from public officials who put more emphasis on political gain than doing what is right.

But you know what?

My husband and the majority of police officers around the country will stand their ground and do the best job they can.

You know why? Because they took an oath and will die in the line of duty trying to uphold the law of the land.

God help us if their motto of “serve and protect” ever changes.

Diane L. Schabo

Iron Mountain