Time to think about recycling?

Should Dickinson County residents start thinking about community-wide recycling?

Lucy Shampo of Iron Mountain thinks so.

Shampo, a well-known recycling organizer in the community, urged Iron Mountain City Council to give recycling services more consideration when seeking bids for garbage collection services.

Great American Disposal, with home offices in Kingsford, has been serving as Iron Mountain’s garbage collection service for years. It also serves Breitung Township.

And Great American Disposal has been awarded another three-year contract at Iron Mountain City Council’s most recent meeting.

A per the Dickinson County Solid Waste Plan, GAD has been depositing Iron Mountain’s household refuse at the Dickinson County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Quinnesec.

With change in the Solid Waste Plan, GAD likely could develop a recycling plan.

An unsuccessful bidder, Eagle Waste & Recycling of Eagle River, Wis., would have taken the trash back to Eagle River.

Earlier this year, Eagle Waste & Recycling had proposed a recycling program for the city.

Which brings us back to our recycling question.

The Dickinson Conservation District has already taken steps in that direction.

The Dickinson Conservation District has been awarded a grant from the Dickinson Area Community Foundation to further recycling efforts in the county, reports Willa Campbell, Dickinson Conservation District program specialist.

With this grant, the Conservation District is networking with recycling entities, local government and area residents to enhance recycling options and educate the public about area recycling.

The recycling page is at and offers a detailed area recycling guide and complete contact information for facilities, links to web sites for all recycling facilities with a web presence, and detailed sorting rules and hours of operation for each facility.

The benefits can be huge, but there can be additional costs as well.

Is it worth it? The Dickinson Conservation District wants your opinion.

The Dickinson Conservation District website ( also contains a link to a Dickinson County Residential Recycling Survey.

This survey is intended to gather information about the concerns and desires of Dickinson County residents regarding recycling.

Surveys are also available at the USDA Service Center at 102 N. Hooper St. in Kingsford.

Is it time to think about community-wide recycling?

Make your opinions known. It will help area officials when they address this issue.