Celebrate a positive task


From Amy Geronimi, Chief Juvenile Officer, Dickinson County Probate and Family Court:

I wanted your newspaper to be aware of something positive the youth in our community recently did. This summer we had a group of juveniles from the Dickinson County Probate and Family Court complete their community service work hours by painting the Iron Mountain Stadium.

All of the youth worked so well together and accomplished a great and daunting task.

While we were working one day, your photographer, Theresa Proudfit, stopped by and wanted to take their picture, however due to confidentiality, we could not allow this, nor can we name any of the juveniles.

All too often in our society we hear about the “bad” things kids are doing so I felt it was important to celebrate a positive task the youth in our community accomplished.


From Terry and Betty Kennedy, Iron Mountain:

Once again we are impressed by the attractive and beautiful plantings in our downtown and other areas of the city. This summer they seem to be especially full, colorful and beautiful.

As travelers drive through, they will surely be impressed by the hanging baskets, large planters and other planted areas of the city because of the dedication of caring residents and the Northwoods Garden Club.

We can be proud of the aesthetics of our town, since it looks very beautiful and well cared for. The work does make Iron Mountain look like an attractive place to live work and play.

We feel we can speak for all who reside here when we say thank you, you have our gratitude for a job well done.