German Hotel operated by Marsch & Gothe

Twelve area businesses and organizations have purchased historical plaques which include a picture and information about their site. This is the final in a series of articles about the posters.

IRON MOUNTAIN – The German Hotel, operated by Marsch & Gothe (John Marsch and Fred Gothe) in 1892, boasted “Good accommodations by the day or week. A fine bar of wines and liquors in connection.”

Both of the proprietors resided in the hotel at that time. In addition, Chris Gothe, who worked at a brewery, and Peter Marsch, a laborer, both boarded at the German Hotel.

The German Hotel was listed at 407 Merritt Avenue in 1902, but there was no record of proprietors.

Fred Gothe’s name was not found in the directory and John Marsch worked in railroad construction and had a sales stable at 220 East Hughitt Street at that time.

The man in the white shirt and long white apron is William Gothe. His wife, Margaret Gothe, is the woman standing second from the right at the corner of the building, together with their children and dog.

Anton Loverich purchased the American Hotel, formerly the German Hotel, from Reinhart Goethe for $8,500, taking possession on December 1, 1920, at 1 p.m. violation of the liquor law. The police and sheriff’s departments raided the American Hotel, confiscating three cases of bitters and six quart bottles of some kind of wine.

George Meyers, Louis Osborn and Louis Mellis were also taken into custody on a charge of gambling during the raid.

Purchased through the Main Street Design Committee by Dr. Todd Schmidt and The Hair Port, this poster is on exhibit at their offices at 407 Merritt Avenue.

Within three hours of taking possession, Loverich was arrested on a charge of

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