Is not worth the ridicule


I have been a S.A.Y. soccer referee for four years and am very disappointed with the behavior of some of the parents and spectators.

They are very disrespectful of myself and other referees. We are all high school and college students devoting 2-3 nights a week to the S.A.Y. program.

We do get paid, but the money is not worth the ridicule we receive from the parents/spectators.

To those of you who yell or tell me relentlessly how to ref, I ask you four things.

First, what kind of example are you setting for the children?

Second, would you want an adult criticizing your child in the same manner in which you are criticizing me?

Third, why don’t you take the referee courses and ref alongside of me?

Lastly, when the teenage referees refuse to ref S.A.Y. soccer, because of people like you, do you realize that there will not be any recreational soccer in this area?

This is a recreational program, it is not the Olympics.

Be kind to the refs. We are human, and because of that, we are not perfect.

Please remember that the referees are teenagers and that we take a course to ref.

Many of us have played multiple years of soccer.

The last time I refereed a S.A.Y. game was for 8-9 year olds. Parents of both teams degraded my partner and me.

What these people do not realize is that I have not only played ten years of S.A.Y.; I have also played on four different traveling teams, including Northern Stars and a U.P. select team.

I was the captain and MVP of my high school varsity soccer team, which I played on for four years and started every game for three years. I was a starter on my college women’s soccer team as a freshman and will start on my college soccer team this fall. I have also taken the S.A.Y. referee course and am a Level 8 soccer referee, which allows me to ref competitive soccer, such as Northern Stars. So parents, when you yell and ask me if I know the rules, I think my credentials speak for themselves.

Parents and spectators, please remember that this is a recreational league that should be fun for the players and referees. Please be a good sport and keep your rude remarks to yourself.

Afton Barrows

Iron Mountain