Remember when?

The Austrians-Croatians, members of the Holy Cross Lodge 259 of the Croatian Fraternal Union, march in the July 4 parade in Hermansville in 1926. The photo was provided by Judy Meintz, archivist of the IXL Historical Museum in Hermansville and is on file at the museum. It had an inscription that said, “Part of the Austrians marching in the July 4 parade.” The Croatians were the largest ethnic group in Hermansville and they were called Austrians because their homeland, now part of Yugoslavia, was for years part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The building on the left is the former Wendt-Bartl store. The Croatian Lodge celebrated its 100th birthday on July 4, 2003, and a monument was erected in Memorial Park in Hermansville honoring all Croatians.