40 et 8 Voiture 1288 meets Aug. 19

CARNEY – Menominee County 40 et 8 Voiture 1288 will meet Tuesday, Aug. 19, with social at 6:30 p.m. and promenade at 7 p.m. at the Carney-Nadeau American Legion Post 487 in Carney.

The Voiture has announced its new officers for the 2014-15 year. They include, Chef de Gare, Marcel Chartre of Stephenson; correspondant, Bill Hafeman, Carney; Chef de Train, LeRoy Sjoholm, Powers; Commissaire Intendant, Lyle Gerhart, Carney; Conducteur, Gary Gladue, Daggett; Garde de Porte, Jerry Lynch, Stephenson, Historien, Frank Rodman, Hermansville; Aumonier, Alan Salzwedel, Daggett; Avocat, Wayne Erickson, Carney; Medicin, Allen Lanaville, Nadeau, and Cheminot locale, James Wash, Vulcan. Voiture 1288 has no commis voyageur, lampiste, or drapeau elected to office.

Directors include child welfare, Lyle Gearhart; Nurses training, Jerry Lynch; Voyaguer activities, Gearhart; Box car, Allen Lanaville; Youth sports, Lynch; POW/MIA, Americanism, and VAVS, Bill Hafeman.

The grand promenade will be held this weekend in Grayling.

The Voiture met with the finance report given by Comisar Intendant, Gearhard, which was as follows, chicken account, $470; savings, $12,294.46; cash on hand, $1.

If was reported that Voiture stood at a membership of 27 with eight nurses listed on the books. One nurse, Brooks Bodeau of Stephenson has been paid to date. The finance report was passed.

Mike Trickey of Marquette will remain as Chef de Tran, 11th District Cheminot is Lou Oberle of Engadine, and 12th District, Tom DeCarlo of Bessemer.

The Voiture participated in the Fourth of July parades in Powers, Bark River, Daggett and Hermansville.

Flag retirement was conducted by the Voiture at the American Legion Post in Carney. Many veterans, scouts and 40 et 8 members participated.

The Voiture agreed to take out 10 booster ads at $2 each for the program. They also voted to give the Comisar Intendant another $2,000 toward the fall drawing.