They do not know


This is in the response to the letter in Saturdays paper “War will never end.”

The word ignorance, or ignorant means “not knowing.”

It is plain from this persons letter they do not know historical facts, but they do not know anything about God, and the truth of the Bible.

Before one goes off commenting on things they know nothing about, one should study to get the facts on what they are writing about.

Anyone who says Israel has no right to their own land is not a Christian to start with. I say this because anyone who has gone to any religion knows God used Moses to lead the people out of bondage in Egypt for 400 years to the land of now called Israel.

God made the promise of this land to Abraham, and his family and future offspring. And, what Israel now has as land is not all the land that God gave them.

Here is something for not only the person who wrote the article, but to all people.

God tells us in the Bible that, “who ever Blesses Israel, will be Blessed, but, whoever curses Israel, will be cursed.”

America, must always side with Israel because the whole world is against Israel.

Why is the world against Israel? Because Satan wants Israel destroyed, Satan is at war against God, and Israel is God’s chosen people.

That is why the world will end at the doorstep of Israel.

Everything is this world hinges on what happens in Israel.

Understand this, Israel is surrounded with Muslim enemies that want Israel destroyed.

The Muslim world wants Israel wiped off the map. Remember this, there are no “innocent” people in Gaza, every man women and child wants Israel gone.

Do you watch on TV everyone, including children want to kill the Jews.

If Israel did not have the Iron Dome missile system they bought from America, they would have at least 200,000 to 300,000 dead from Hamas missiles.

Iran says they want Israel wiped off the map, all of them dead, and they have no right to protect themselves.

I tell you now, before you curse Israel, you better think twice, because you will be cursing God.

Allan Peterson