Sold out by evil


This is a message for low-information citizens, voters, or just plain old next door neighbors. This is one true fact. The United States of America did have the best health care services the world could offer, bar none even close.

But as we know, by lying, cheating, and stealing, it was taken away by corrupt politicians-sold out by evil, so-called socialist Democrats. Michigan’s Bart Stupak, our house representative who worked for us, was one big sell-out.

In his book, The Truth About Getting Sick in America, Dr. Tim Johnson explains “we Americans tend to focus primarily on our own wants/desires without considering their impact on the big picture. The best (or worst) example of that is the way we continue to overeat, drink, and smoke, even while knowing how bad they are for our health. So if you forced me to bet, right now I would have to bet against the possibility of true national health care reform in the short run, especially effective and fair cost control.”

Will our generation survive the coming catastrophe?

We can only hope that our children will be a lot smarter than we are. Reality is that they will have no choice other than a major government takeover if we don’t start true reform now. The problems and solutions are, as usual, within ourselves.

How’s the Obama thing working out for “ya” so far?

Joseph Massie