Eagle visits Beecher woman

BEECHER, Wis. – Nada Surface of Beecher had an unusual visitor to her home on July 31 – an eagle.

Her visitor stayed the night sleeping on her porch was picked up by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Aug. 1.

The female eagle, thought to be 2 1/2 years old, was brought to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wis.

But when Surface checked on her Monday, they told her that the eagle had died. Since they are unsure of the cause, an autopsy will be conducted to see what happened to the eagle and whether it had a disease.

Surface said that the eagle never acted aggressive towards her or her dog. She first saw it at noon on July 31, in her backyard and it went from the ground up onto the car. The next thing she knew, it got very close to her house and her dog, which it hissed at but didn’t attack.

“She got to the very top step of my porch and we were able to give it water and hand feed it chicken. She slept there overnight and was still there in the morning when the DNR forestry officer from Wausaukee, Wis. came and picked her up,” Surface added.

She noted that the officer netted the eagle and had no difficulty getting her in a cage for transport to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a 700 acre urban wildlife refuge featuring live animal exhibits, educational displays, miles of hiking/skiing trails and various wildlife viewing opportunities. It is home to the second largest wildlife rehabilitation program in Wisconsin, caring for more than 4,500 orphaned and injured animals annually.

Surface was amazed to have been able to get that close to an eagle and remarked about how large the talons and claws were on it.

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