Kingsford graduate recognized for interior design, antiques

IRON MOUNTAIN – True passions aren’t merely hobbies stored away for later indulgence on a convenient Saturday afternoon. Rather, a Kingsford native demonstrates the activities and interests that add zest to our day-to-day routines can be enriching, lifelong endeavors.

Residing in Chicago, Matt Carollo, the son of Stephen and Lori Carollo of Kingsford, works as an assistant buyer for the furniture retailer, Jayson Home, and just returned from a buying trip in France. However, Carollo’s interest in interior design is not limited to the confines of his day job.

Recently, the Kingsford High School (class of 2007) and Illinois Institute of Art graduate was featured in an issue of Lonny Magazine. Accompanied by a myriad of photos of Carollo’s beautiful one-bedroom apartment in the city, the article captured his passion for design and eclectic antiques.

While the majority of the piece praised the variety of stylish decor in Carollo’s home, the article discussed Carollo’s early days of collecting antiques and decorating his parents’ home in Kingsford. Some of the pieces featured in the Lonny article originated from Carollo’s younger years such as a houndstooth armchair he discovered in high school, a cabinet that was once owned by his great-grandmother, and other family heirlooms.

Carollo’s stylish space in Chicago is continuing to receive recognition. Shortly after the publication of the Lonny piece, The Chicago Tribune made plans to visit Carollo’s home and publish an article about the impeccably designed apartment.