Braumart Theater opened April 21, 1925

IRON MOUNTAIN – On Feb. 18, 1924, Martin D. Thomas, manager of the Colonial Theatre Company, announced a new theater would be built in Iron Mountain.

The name Braumart was a combination of the names of the owner, August E. Brauns, and the manager, Martin D. Thomas.

Final plans were for a building with a total area of 96 by 120 feet, included a foyer, 25 by 30 feet; an auditorium, 73 by 90 feet; a shop 25 by 40 feet on each side, and another store 26 by 120 feet.

The estimated cost, including equipment, was $200,000. The architects were Herbst & Kuenzli, of Milwaukee. The Foster Construction Company, also from Milwaukee, began construction in September 3, 1924. The grand opening was held Tuesday, April 21, 1925.

The Braumart Theatre was “modernized” in 1935, and included a new marquee of enameled steel with clusters of electric lights and neon tubing overhead. The theater name was inscribed in electric lights across the front of the marquee in a combination of both neon and silhouette letters. “The General Died at Dawn” premiered in 1936, the year this photograph was taken.

Purchased through the Main Street Design Committee by the Friends of the Braumart, this poster is on exhibit at the Braumart Theater.