What do visitors think of us?

Have you taken a ride to Lake Antoine lately? If you take Margaret Street beware. Your car could be destroyed.

What a slap in the face for the city of Iron Mountain.

The street is a disgrace. What do visitors think of us? Sure there was a bad winter but it is almost here again. Let’s get our priorities straight. We want campers and visitors to return.

Things can’t get much worse.


with ticks

The Wood Tick Festival sounds like an interesting one. As a young kid, I used my sister’s fingernail polish to remove a wood tick from my skin. The polish prevented the tick from breathing. And, as you know, the U.P. is loaded with ticks.

If this is the

same truck

I was driving in Norway, and I saw a truck loading a pickup truck. This truck looked like it was in mint condition.

I wonder if this is the same truck that is always in the Speak Section of The Daily News.

War will

never end

Israel keeps stating over and over again that it has a “right to exist as a Jewish state.”

Israel certainly does not. Any country that has a system where one religion has more rights that another religion is fundamentally wrong.

There is absolutely nothing about being Jewish that gives a person a superior right over those who are not Jewish.

In any modern system of government all people have the same rights regardless of what they believe or don’t believe in. By accepting Jews have a right to a Jewish state is no different that any other religion claiming a right to a state.

We can’t start dividing up the world based on crazy religions who think God gave them land. As we can see from the way they behave that this doesn’t work and that war and oppression is the result.

And America should stop supporting Israel until they start treating everyone fairly and equally. Until then the oppressed will always rise up against the oppressor.

The war will never end.

Must be

very sad

I want to tell you about the loss of my friends.

You see, I am a little chipmunk. I ran and played and had fun with my friends. Some people like us and would watch us as we frolic together and entertain them. But some people don’t like us.

They set traps and lure us to them. They find great joy when they find one of us in their traps. I don’t understand these people.

We don’t hurt them, and we just want to enjoy the summer, just like they do. They must be very sad people to have to get happiness from killing us.

God put us on this earth and he loved us. He said, “Thou shall not kill.”

So why do they? So now, I am all alone as my friends are gone, and I’m not having much fun anymore. I hope these people can see how sad I am.


for winning

Let’s talk corruption, all you Obama supporters. Hope you like what you got, “stuck on stupid.” Here’s the formula for winning elections if you are a dishonest person, all around you are dishonest people.

BHO scandals continue to emerge from a culture where you lie, steal, and cheat as the way to win elections, where law is ignored. High ranking officials of BHO cabinet feel that it is acceptable to mislead the American people. Citizens, taxpayers, and voters can be controlled by keeping them in the dark-tell the suckers nothing.

Obama dares his critics to “go out there and win an election.” He means the way he wins, by misusing the IRS to silence the voices of those who dare oppose him.

Obama and his Democratic/socialist friends know where corruption is-at the heart of the Democratic/liberal party in political fundraising.

Obama (King Pinoc) as president is guaranteeing fewer jobs and less Americans working. It’s the most anti-job record of any president, bar none. His idea of health care is controlling the people. His high taxing, spending policies, his lying, cheating, and stealing have created the worst economic recovery in American history. I rest my case.

Oh, by the way, how’s that Obama thing working out for “ya” so far?

Am I going crazy or what?

Perfect place

for children

Our county board should go from five members to at least nine board members. Then, maybe-just maybe-board members may come up with a new idea every four or five years.

To Governor Perry of Texas, if your state is overrun with immigrant children, you can take them to Washington, D.C. There is a perfect place for children-the White House Lawn.

To Governor Brewer of Arizona, you can take your excess immigrant children to the Las Vegas Strip. Casino owners would love it because they will have new players in 15 or so years, also cheap labor.

With Senator Harry Reid’s stance on immigrant children, casino owners might build a statue of Reid on the Strip.