Museums Free Day Sunday

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Iron Mountain-Kingsford Kiwanis will be hosting their 20th annual Museums Free Day on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Historical Museum, located at 300 East Ludington St. in Iron Mountain, is featuring a collection of wedding dresses. The dresses date from the 1920s through the 1940s and are not only white or ivory, but blue, peach, gold and yellow. Also on display with the dresses is a groom’s coat dating from 1893. The coat was worn by Mr. Adolph Oscar when he married Caroline Anne Anderson on July 30 in Iron Mountain.

The Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum, 300 Kent St., shows off the newly degreased and pressure washed pumping engine and surrounding concrete floor.

The World War II Glider/Military Museum’s display area under the glider has been completed with rock and imitation grass along with some new displays. A simulated four-foot by 10-foot gas station with a gas pump that was refurbished by Guy Forstrom, has been added to complete an exhibit featuring the 1930s dump truck and Ford car. The suspension of the Piper Cub and Heiserman airplanes from the museum ceiling beams has also been completed. The Military Museum is located behind the Cornish Pump Museum.

Friends of the Museum will be holding a rummage sale in the “Dry” building, across from the Pump building, with some great bargains. They will also be selling pop, water and baked goods.

An invitation is also extended to anyone with a classic car to join the Just Cruizin’ Car Club in displaying their cars on the front lawn of the Cornish Pump Museum. Persons are encouraged to bring lawn chair and join them for an afternoon of socializing and showing off their car.

“The event wouldn’t be possible without a donation from their local Kiwanis Club. When you see a Kiwanian, thank them for making this annual open house possible,” said a Museum spokesperson.