Woodtick assault

By Verna Pollock

For The Daily News

Summer is here and with it the onslaught of ticks. Ugh. Everybody hates them and fears the illness they can cause.

Unfortunately they are in abundance this year along with the mosquito population. Since my husband spends a lot of time outdoors, he is very aware and constantly on the lookout for them. One evening after a day after being out all day and checking his body carefully, he went to bed thinking all was well. Not long after he felt something on his neck and sure enough one of those obnoxious critters was present. “Where did he come from?”

Sin is like a woodtick. It appears to be as small thing. How can a little lie hurt anyone? Sin is also easily hidden and attaches itself to us without our awareness of its presence.

Woodticks travel quickly and often embed themselves in the skin. That is when the danger of infection and illness is present. If you remove the tick before that happens it’s not a problem. Of course it is sensible to use the preventive measures available to us as well.

We need to be alert and take precautions with ticks and with sin. When a so called “little sin” creeps into our lives we often think nothing of it until it grows and causes spiritual illness. Praise God, He has provided a sure cure when we acknowledge our sin and seek His forgiveness and cleansing. Reading His Word, the Bible and spending time talking to Him will keep us from being infested with the Sin disease.

Ticks are around for just a season. Sin is universal and timeless. We must be vigilant and take the necessary action to stay spiritually healthy.

Romans 6:11-14 tells us to “not let sin reign” in our body and v 14 says that sin shall not have dominion (rule) over us. God’s grace enables us.