Who polices the police?


I know the U.P. is small and somewhat isolated but I just read about the shooting of a person that was being chased by the Munising Police.

It seems to me that I read almost on a daily basis, police shooting civilians all around the USA. What worries me and should be a worry to all citizens is, why are these shootings not being investigated by a grand jury?

Why are Americans not worried about the police, policing themselves?

There was a shooting by the Albuquerque Police Department where they shot and killed a mentally ill person in the back. It was recorded by the SWAT team. He was camping illegally.

The Albuquerque PD investigated the shooting themselves and said the officers were justified!

How can shooting someone when their back is to you be justified? The public outcry led to the Federal government to investigate the abuses by the Albuquerque PD.

The Federal investigators concluded with a “scathing report of abuse ” by the department.

The corner preformed a autopsy and listed the cause of death as a homicide. Yet, no one has been charged or even fired.

I believe when you militarize your police force this is what you can expect. It’s not only citizens that are shot by the police, it’s peoples’ pets too that suffer the wrath of the renegade police officer.

If one searches Google, they will see that a pet is killed every 98 minutes by law enforcement every day. Why is today’s law enforcement so trigger happy? If a PO is so afraid of a dog that his first reaction is to shoot and kill it, I don’t think they should carry a gun.You could be next!

I’m not saying that the officer from the Munising Police Department was justified or not. I do believe that it should not be left up to anyone but a grand jury to decide if this was justified.

David Alquist

Iron Mountain