Dangerous political game


Thomas Sowell , of the Hoover Institution, posted an article on GOPUSA with the following points of interest.

1. A country that does not control its own borders does not have any immigration policy.

2. Those coming may be:

a. criminals

b. terrorists

c. carrying diseases

d.become huge expensive problems

e. may bring mortal danger to others

f. can change the composition of our population

g. can change the culture to theirs.

3. Obama is dumping thousands of illegals in communities far from the border states.

4. The time is long overdue to stop being intimidated by the race card and such cheap tactics – political , dangerous tactics.

5. It is an irresponsible and dangerous political game.

6. Do we agree that new leadership must be put in place – soon? We must vote with the courage of our convictions and our moral code.

Carole Wilcheck

Iron Mountain