Stambaugh Revue planned

CASPIAN – The early history of Stambaugh Township and Stambaugh City will be presented at the Iron County Historical Museum in Caspian on Thursday, Aug. 7, at 7 p.m.

The Stambaugh Revue will bring to life the start of the township in 1880 and evolution of Stambaugh as a city through 1935.

Early pioneers will appear on the museum stage, voiced by the Revue cast. The cast will explain the development of the township and city, as well as the role of mining, schools, medical care, businesses, and sports in Stambaugh.

There will be musical numbers interspersed throughout the Revue, as the Pixies make a return engagement.

Tickets for the Stambaugh Revue are $8 and are available for advance purchase at the museum.