Wender seeks re-election to Dickinson County Board

IRON MOUNTAIN- Henry Wender of Breitung Township is the incumbent candidate for the 4th District seat on the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners.

Wender served 12 years as a Breitung Township trustee before running for election to the county board, a move he believes was a good one. Time on the Breitung Township Board, he said, helped him be a better commissioner, stressing the value of exposure to the meeting process and the laws that govern them.

Wender was successful in his campaign for county commissioner and has served more than 20 years on the board. He will run on the Republican ticket and faces two opponents in the Aug. 5 primary.

“My service on the county board has demonstrated my desire and effort to be a good commissioner,” Wender said. “I take the position very seriously and maintain an excellent meeting attendance record.”

Wender prides himself on answering all of his citizen calls and using good common sense throughout his deliberations. He respects the citizens’ demand for transparency and adds that the county meetings are all posted and open to public comment.

“I am seeking re-election because the county has several very important issues before it now with revenues decreasing and expenses rising,” Wender said. “Experience is important.”

With pressures mounting on the county budget, some hard choices may lie ahead, he continued. “My voting record shows I’m not afraid to make tough decisions. I’m conservative with taxpayers’ money and am proud to have held the line on taxes.”

Wender is a retired dairy farmer (who still farms) and a lifelong resident of Dickinson County.

The recent loss in revenue from personal property tax reform and various tax exemptions has left county operating revenues flat, he said. It could get worse, he warned, pending the final outcome of the Home Depot tax appeal case. This is coupled with skyrocketing costs of health care and pension liabilities.

Wender holds 17 appointments to various boards and committees and is not afraid to put in the time to attend and be a contributing member of each.

“I am thankful for your support in the past and would appreciate your continued support on Aug. 5,” he said.