Secure the border


The immigration dilemma has gotten a lot more complicated since undocumented children are arriving by the thousands and being sent to various parts of the country.

Any parent would try to provide a better future for their children. However it appears that sending them through Mexico with travel arranged by “coyotes” can be a horrific ordeal, yet the flow continues and children may be the victims of a terribly flawed policy.

“Immigration reform” has been bantered around and words like “amnesty” and “legalization” are used by the pundits.

There is a monumental concern about sending illegal immigrants to various parts of the U.S. because of disease, criminal backgrounds, and cost to the taxpayers. No one wants to see the exploitation of these children and many citizens suggest we allow the children to stay and become U.S. citizens.

A very humanitarian idea, however what will be the cost, not only in dollars but sacrifices families will have to make in order for this to take place?

The immigration problem did not happen overnight, but has now escalated to a point of dire concern. Gang members are recruited, terrorists can infiltrate, drug distribution are all possible with an unsecured border.

What’s the remedy? To me it’s about going back to the original design and first and foremost secure the border.

Some of our elected leaders have indicated that the border is secure and we need not concern ourselves with the situation. There may be a political reason for this type of observation, not factual.

Once the border is secured, a legal process should be implemented for citizenship or temporary residence based on a logical path for those that will engage the process.

Meanwhile more hand wringing goes on, demonstrations by for and against, Congress gridlocked, and a near future solution is not apparent.

Call, e-mail or write to your representative and express your concerns. That may expedite a solution.

Paul Polanski

Crystal Falls