Discovering history in the wall



Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN -Harlan Walters was born April, 20 1934, in last house on the left hand side of Hughitt Street and thanks to his nephew, Rodney Theisen, he has the article to prove it.

In the ’80s the Iron Mountain school had acquired a home for demolition on Ludington Street near the East end of the Iron Mountain Stadium. Because the house was to be torn down, the fire department was able to do fire training in the home before demolition.

Walters remembers the Melis home, because he delivered papers there as a kid. “I delivered The Daily News all the way to the golf course from Stephenson Avenue on Ludington Street” said Walters.

Theisen was working for the Iron Mountain fire department at the time. In preparation for the training the fire department had to remove everything that wouldn’t burn.

“They were in there tearing this paneling off the wall because it isn’t going to burn and in the walls was all these newspapers. They used it for insulation. I don’t know why he picked that paper to look at, but in that newspaper was my birth announcement,” said Walters.

The article reads “Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walter, 1515 West Hughitt Street are the parents of a son born this morning at the residence. The baby has been named Harlan Neil.”

Theisen gave the article to his mother, who gave it to Susie Theisen, who decoupaged the article with a baby picture of Harlan and presented it to him.

Walters wife, Orice says he cherishes the article.

“How many people 80 years old have a copy of their original birth announcement. I’m proud of it,” said Walters.