True leaders are born


True leaders are born, not made. Years back, we understood what the meaning of this statement was telling us.

Just because you put your name on a petition to get on a ballot, you then get elected to a position to serve the people.

This has nothing to do with leadership. You might think you are a leader, but time and proof of action will not bear this out.

You are nothing more than a follower, and when you follow, you cannot lead.

True leaders know people. Your lead will teach you if you listen.

Leaders don’t change people by authority. True leaders change people through relationships. Raising the people’s tax burdens is what non-leaders do because it’s the easy way to settle issues that come their way.

There’s no thinking, blank faces, and nothing to offer as these followers sit on boards, committees, city councils, county commissioners, state and federal offices and even the president of the United States-no leadership skills.

Just raise taxes, spend and waste.

One reason our forefathers fought a war of Independence in 1775 was because the King of England claimed the right to tax people of this country, without any citizen’s part in passing laws under which they lived.

Colonists were fighting mad and fought the war for freedom of taxes.

Do we need to fight these liberals with another war, or is it socialism all over again?

How’s that Obama thing working out for “ya” so far?

Joseph Massie