Village Centennial


From Sharon Eaton, Alpha Museum Board Secretary/Treasurer:

The Alpha Museum Board of Directors would like to thank our many visitors for their overwhelming support during the recent three day Village Centennial celebration.

For those who purchased our annual drawing tickets, thank you for your contributions. We are pleased to congratulate the following winners: First prize of $250, Jen Toivonen of Crystal Falls; second prize of $150, Jim Rossi of Traverse City and Stager Lake; and third prize of $50 Howard Erlandson of Alpha.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Chris Gollakner Weslin (FP 1984) for her technical and artistic skills in creating the home movies collage, Alpha Memories, as well as her father’s, Gary’s, graduating class of 1958 for donating a 32-inch smart tv, allowing visitors a quality viewing of her efforts.

Thanks to their generosity, highlights of Alpha’s 50th and 75th 4th of July parades, local hunting and fishing events, as well as VFW parties for children and adults can be shared, not only with those who were there when they happened, but also with future visitors to the museum. It was heartwarming to be a part of the memories shared by folks reconnecting with old neighbors, friends and classmates as a result of watching this video, and we are honored to have been a part of its safekeeping for future generations.

In addition to the Alpha Memories film, the museum now has a room with ultra-violet protected windows devoted to displaying the school’s senior class and champion team photos, helping to protect them from fading, and we have also developed a separate room for mining related items.

We invite those of you who were unable to visit us during the Centennial to do so during our regular summer visiting hours, Saturday’s between 10 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., or call (906) 875-4313 for a private viewing appointment.

Thank you all who believe as we do, that the past is worth preserving for the future, and for supporting our efforts to do that in the Alpha/Mastodon area.


From Wilma Kallies, President Crystal Theatre Board:

The Crystal Theatre in Crystal Falls had a jaw-dropping performance by pianist Frederick Moyer last weekend. People left the theatre in awe of his skill on the theatre’s Steinway Concert D piano. They said he was by far the best performing artist who performed at the theatre. The next day the board received the following letter: Dear Crystal Theatre Board,

The Frederick Moyer Piano Concert was the best program we’ve heard in the theatre since the inception of “Gem of the Season’ series.

The music was the best in classic, best in jazz, and the commentary was informative and to the point. The performance was absolutely first class.

Enclosed is a check to be used to help bring world class performers to Crystal Theatre, even if there is only one such program per season. We hope that our small donation will help pay for performers of Mr. Moyer’s quality. Thank you, Bruce and Ruth Nelson

The board appreciated all the wonderful comments from the audience and especially the Nelson’s letter and generous donation. We will do our best to continue to bring first class performing artist to the theatre.