Tour de Dickinson donations

Organized and coordinated by the Dickinson County Bike Path Committee, the Tour de Dickinson Family Bike Ride is scheduled to take place on Aug. 16. For the first five years, the event was orchestrated by the Dickinson County Hospital Foundation. The Dickinson County Bath Path Committee is dedicated to creating a county-wide bike path to be linked across all of the Dickinson County area. The family bike ride will require many volunteers and assistance from the community to make the event a success. In the top photo, Chris LaVigne, center, Dickinson Area Tourism director, presents a sponsorship check of $750 to help support the fund raising efforts to Wanda Khor, DC Bike Path director, and to Dr. John Nowicki, president of the DC Bike Path Committee. In the bottom photo, Tamara Juul, center, Dickinson Area Community Foundation director presents a $500 sponsorship to Khor and Nowicki. With the paid registration fee, all riders and volunteers are given a bracelet pass for free admission to Italian Fest held later that same day. The sponsorship by various companies, businesses, and individuals is appreciated. Also available this year is a bike drawing and other prizes with the winner chosen on Aug. 16 at the beginning of the bike ride at 8 a.m. All money goes to support the committee’s many activities including path/trail development and maintenance. For more information, contact Bob Werner at 779-9712 or Nowicki at (906) 396-3727.