Live grenade in Aurora

FLORENCE, Wis. – The Brown-Outagamie County Bomb Squad on Wednesday safely detonated a grenade found in the garage of an Aurora, Wis. residence.

Florence County Sheriff Jeff Rickaby said a woman was concerned that a grenade was inside a rusty steel military ammo can secured with a padlock she located in her garage on Tuesday.

The woman told deputies that her cousin, an ex-Marine, would routinely bring home military artifacts during the time he lived with her.

She explained that her cousin had said he still needed to get a grenade out of the garage before he died in December.

Deputies advised the woman not to touch the container and contacted Lt. Christopher Knurr of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

The bomb squad arrived at the residence at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, and located a grenade, which appeared to be in good condition, along with fuses inside the ammo can.

Rickaby said the grenade was transported to a nearby sand pit on Neuens Road in Aurora.

Beacon rescue was advised to be on standby, and residents in the area were informed of the upcoming detonation.

Personnel from the bomb squad placed a C-4 explosive in the sand pit and safely detonated the grenade.

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