Townsend campaigns for Dickinson board

SAGOLA – Wallace Townsend of Sagola Township is a Republican candidate for the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners in District 4.

Townsend serves on the Dickinson County Planning Commission and the Sagola Township Planning Commission. He is a member of the Dickinson County Republican Party and a precinct delegate for Sagola Township.

“I am a single retired father with twins at North Dickinson School,” he said. “I am a Vietnam veteran as a Seabee, and past post commander of American Legion Post No. 38 in Fenton, Mich.”

He is a former member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

Townsend said he is running for county commissioner in District 4 to:

– Bring more manufacturing jobs to Dickinson County to help stop the declining enrollment of our schools.

– Support Bay College to increase the availability of more high-tech skills that will be needed in the future, in addition to the new welding program.

– Work with the Legislature to bring more electrical generating capacity to our area so we can attract the manufacturing companies that we need.

– Work with other members of the Dickinson County Planning Commission to formulate a five-year plan for the county that will address: arts and culture; our diverse economy; the presence of outstanding talent in our county; our ability to meet the basic human needs of our county; recreation/nature/tourism; and infrastructure.