Men and women


With the back and forth banter between myself and a woman, who I happen to know, like, and respect, writing opposing letters into the paper, I wanted to clarify that the problem I have with the issue of men and women in our society is that we do not deal at all with the difference between the two, as the subject seems to be avoided at all costs.

An example of what I am talking about is when I had the honor of sitting on a jury when I was living and working in Green Bay. (I consider it an honor to sit on a jury as one is being deemed a fair human being.)

In the jury room, as we were discussing the case which involved giving the court the right to take away parental responsibilities from a woman who had substance abuse issues, a couple of the female jurors brought up the point that the prosecutor was a nice looking tall man with a very calm demeanor; and the defense attorney was not so attractive as he wore a rumpled suit and had a nervous twitch in his neck.

While this was being talked about I am thinking what in the name of eternity does that have to do with case before us and what possible bearing does it have on whether we should consider a mother unfit to raise her children.

The above is an example of the issue of the difference between males and females, but unfortunately it seems to be an issue that only a few of us are willing to openly discuss.

Postscript: As far as my quoting scripture 1 Timothy 2:12 in a previous article please keep in mind I did not write the Bible.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain