Seen this movie before


Well, the Jews and Arabs are at it again.

I think we have seen this movie before: lobbing some missiles back and forth; Wolf Blitzer flies to Jerusalem and goes, “it’s scary here”; an Israel Prime Minister shows up at the White House with his hand out asking for yet another billion dollars; and American taxpayers pay it.

Then, the citizens of Israel get paid thousands of dollars apiece by U.S. taxpayers just because they didn’t use the “big one” (nuclear tipped missiles).

I have watched and waited for peace in the Mideast my whole life (68-plus) and am becoming ever so impatient with these two bad actors.

I say to Israel, “nuke the Gaza Strip” and send a message A.S.A.P.

The U.S. taxpayers paid for those nuclear tipped missiles Israel has so just use the darn things.

Then, you won’t have to constantly “glad hand” our leaders for money and maybe peace will break out.

By the way, after watching those Palestinians throwing rocks at the Israeli soldiers, I see some pretty good arms.

Maybe the Chicago Cubs scouts should take a look.

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain