Second to none


This letter is in response to the letter to the editor printed in Monday June 30 paper by Ms. Sandra Walker of the Michigan Education Association titled “Still giving 100 percent.”

I am the President of the Iron Mountain Board of Education and on behalf of the board and the administration, I am writing this response.

We know that our teachers care about the future of our district and its students, we share that same sentiment. That is why one becomes a teacher or an administrator.

It is why any of us have volunteered to be on the board. Everyone on the board either has children in the district now, has had children graduate from IMHS or is a graduate themselves from IMHS. We all have a deep interest in seeing our school district continue to be a success.

Another reason we serve as board members and administrators is because Iron Mountain Public Schools have great teachers, we have a great school system, and our students receive a great education.

Keep in mind that everyone associated with this district has one mission and that is to ensure that every student receives the best education that we can possibly give them.

So we are glad to hear that the teachers are giving 100 percent to make a positive learning environment for our children, we expect nothing less from you.

I assure you that the administration and board are giving 100 precent effort toward the fulfillment of our mission.

Many positive ideas for the betterment of our district come from teachers. We would hope that all teachers are sharing their ideas at all times, this help’s us fulfill our mission. We also appreciate that many positive ideas have also come from students, support staff, parents, administrators and board members.

When we disagree, professional dialogue will also help our district improve. We invite the IMEA, or any person associated with the school district, to bring their issues to the respective committee of the board and let the issue be addressed in the proper manner through the committee and eventually on to the full board if appropriate.

We have used this process in the past to successfully address matters brought to our attention. I personally am willing, and would be happy to sit down with you to discuss them. I can be reached through the Superintendent’s office.

The bottom line is Iron Mountain Public Schools is second to none in terms of the education our students receive.

The fact finding process will give the district an unbiased opinion as to what should be done in terms of the teacher and support staff contracts.

The board and administration will act and carry out the business of this district in accordance with the laws of the state of Michigan and on the recommendations of the fact finder. We are focusing on the half full part of the glass, working to fill it up and encourage everyone to do the same.


Jeff Michaud

Iron Mountain Board

of Education President