True spirit of helping


From Cookie Beauchamp of Kingsford:

First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iron Mountain wishes to thank the many, many people who contributed to our food pantry during the Fourth of July holiday.

Dickinson County Hospital Systems donated a large amount of groceries. Members and youth from Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church walked the entire parade route with shopping carts.

Our community is so kind hearted, and we embody the true spirit of helping our neighbors.

Monetary donations amounted to almost $3,000 and many boxes of food were delivered to the church.

The food pantry is such an important part of community outreach, filling the needs of many people.

Once again, from our church to all the people in our area who either volunteered or donated, Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you.


From Verna Pollock of Iron Mountain:

Kudos to the Iron Mountain Covenant church for supplying free water, iced tea and popsicles during the 4th of July parade. Also for allowing public use of their restrooms.

Also a note of appreciation to the church that plays hymns and bells during the day at times. It is just beautiful.


From Betty Geanvelle of Kingsford:

Kudos to this year’s organizers, Laura and Joan, for our 55th annual Ford Addition Fourth of July Parade. The combined band from Iron Mountain and Kingsford and Crystal Hogan and the Kingsford singers displayed their musical talents. Monettes, thank you for the popsicles you once again provided.

It was good to see former residents after many years. Don’t forget: “Once a Ford Addition resident, always a Ford Addition person.”


From Marie Osterberg of Aurora, Wis.:

To anyone and everyone who had a part, in any way, for putting together and/or participated in the 4th of July Parade, I want to say thank you.

It was a beautiful day and a great parade. And, thank you to the Fireworks Committee for the spectacular fireworks from Millie Hill later that evening.

Last, but not least, I’m a proud patriotic American who is thankful and blessed to live in this great country. Sweet land of liberty, God bless the USA.


From Agatha Cavaiani of Kingsford:

Bouquets to Miss Emily and helpers at the Dickinson County Library summer science program.

Volcanoes are exploding in the court yard, Lava Battles, marshmallows and snow are created and demonstrated, and much more. What a smart bunch of scientists.

Children of all ages are welcomed. This program is so popular there is a waiting list and sometimes a second session.

Without the sponsors, this program would not be possible. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers, get the kids over there. You’ll be glad you did.