Replaced with evil


Prior to the first election of Barak Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama made the most profound statement ever uttered by the wife of any presidential candidate in history. “There isn’t one good thing I could say about America.” This statement expressed their attitude toward our country. Yet they were elected anyway. Her statement is nothing less than a blatant lie. America has helped/aided every single country in the entire world. We helped to save the European and Far Eastern countries. We fed, clothed, and helped to rebuild countries, including those of our enemies, time after time.

Now, what has the Obama Democrat regime given back to our country? The took the lead in transferring the U.S. from a world creditor nation to a massive debtor nation with an insurmountable national debt with complete out of control spending. They subjected us to fraudulent funding and backing of various so-called environmental projects that resulted in bankruptcy.

“Fast and Furious” advanced weapons into Mexico, helping to destabilize their country. Massive aid to Muslim terrorists advanced weapons and military vehicles into the hands of Libyan terrorists. Where was Obama when the attack on our Libyan Embassy was in progress? Was he really on the phone or in bed?

Our country is being inundated with appointments of leftist judges with absolute utter contempt for our Constitution. They constantly rule in opposition of voters ids to make it easier for voter corruption in favor of liberal candidates. Remember the precinct in PA that reported 100 percent votes in favor of Obama in the 2012 election.

Quoting Dr. Ben Carson, “Vladimir Lenin, a founder of the wonderful world of Communism, stated that socialized medicine is the keystone of the archway to the socialist, communist state. Now we have the Clinton/Obama objectives to destroy the world’s best healthcare system and replace it with a soon to be destructive socialistic state run system.

They want to completely confiscate our historical right to keep and bear arms while they ignore the horrible mass killing by remorseless Hollywood heroes who kill without conscience in their movies, thereby impacting our impressionist youth with a culture of violence. We have kicked God out of our schools, colleges, universities, veterans hospitals, and society, and now we are seeing the results of that.

Mitt Romney exhibited more honest character in his little finger than the Obama regime has it their entire entourage. Our God given moral character has been replaced with evil. By the end of the Obama term, I wonder whether our nation will survive at all.

F. Paul Jensen

Florence, Wis.