Ignorance and apathy


It appears that most Americans that have served in the military, legal immigrants, and those over 60 years old have a high regard and respect for the United States.

Many in the 18 to 40 year olds are ignorant of history and believe that the United States is an imperialist country and should not offer any military intervention in foreign countries.

Prestigious colleges are producing extreme left-wing graduates that are educated with a very tunneled-visioned view of politics and limited historical events.

Ignorance and apathy is a devastating recipe and can produce anarchy and monumental government control which I believe is happening today.

Part of this belief is that there are no comparisons that naturalized citizens can make.

Legal immigrants that come to the U.S. from tyrannical countries are set free to accomplish the lifestyles that they could only dream about.

Many military personnel that serve in foreign countries see first hand the oppression and restrictions of a tyrannical government and make a stark comparison.

How is it that many legal immigrants come to this country with no knowledge of the English language, very little money and possessions and succeed in many areas of finance, politics, real estate, corporations with virtually no help from outside sources.

To me the answer is the comparison is where they came from and where they are now and the opportunities that are available.

Unfortunately many young Americans are raised in an affluent family, go to prestigious colleges and never endure the hardships and struggle of worthy accomplishments.

I don’t see a particularly bright future for some millennials because of what they expect the gov-partiesernment will do for them and not take the opportunities that are there for them now.

With the current state of the present administration, I suspect that there will be some changes in congress, namely the Republicans will gain control of the senate and the house of representatives will remain with the Republicans.

Hopefully these changes will be for the better, however with the massive mistrust of politicians only serving their own self interests, guilty of both parties it remains to be seen.

We need to desperately return to our founding principals, restore our commitment to revere the constitution and once again be respected by all nations.

Paul Polanski

Crystal Falls