Flea market in Crystal Falls

CRYSTAL FALLS – The Iron County Medical Care Facility Auxiliary of Crystal Falls has announced that they will be hosting a flea market on July 12, in conjunction with Bass Festival.

Every year the group provided a Strawberry Social, but is switching it out this year. The event will take place in the upper facility parking lot, closest to the highway. Vendors are needed and spots are open, but going fast. Those selling are expected to provide their own tables, displays and chairs, etc. The auxiliary is charging $20 for a 10-by-12 spot.

The market is open to anyone selling anything. Trash and treasure, baked goods, homemade items, fruits and vegetables, pottery, soaps, jewelry, commercial products and more.

“We are really excited to change direction and come up with something new, challenging and fun for our residents and community,” said an Auxiliary spokesperson.

Anyone interested in securing a space or has questions, should contact Stacy Donati, diversional therapy director at (906) 874-1130. Space is available first come, first serve and location requests are honored as long as it is available.

The event is planned on July 12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The group is currently selling drawing tickets for a queen size quilt that will have a lucky winner drawn at the Flea Market.