4-H shooting camp planned July 11-13

CHANNING – With the current shortage of supply of .22 caliber ammunition, the annual 4-H shooting sports camp was in question this year. But due to the generosity of Wildlife Unlimited of Dickinson County, youth of the Upper Peninsula will get their chance to enjoy the shooting sports once again.

The annual 4-H shooting sports camp is held at Camp Molinare and the shooting is held across Sawyer Lake Road at the Sagola Township Sportsmens Club.

The dates for this year’s camp are from Friday evening July 11 to Sunday afternoon on July 13. For more information or to sign up your young shooter for the shooting sports camp please contact the Michigan State University Extension Office at 774-0363.

The annual 4-H shooting sports camp is celebrating its fifth year. Hundreds of youth from across Michigan and Wisconsin have participated in the camp since 2009. Youth are taught safe firearms handling and marksmanship skills by a collection of the finest instructors from across the Upper Peninsula.

Students get the opportunity to hone their skills with .22 caliber rifles and 20 gauge shotguns of all different model types. As an added component to this years camp, Archery will be taught and practiced.

A highlight to this year’s camp is the return of local shooter Megan Chen. Megan began with the Dickinson County 4-H Big Shooters Club in 2007. After four years with the club, Megan graduated from Iron Mountain High School and enrolled at University of Michigan.

After taking her freshman year off from shooting to focus on her grades she tried out for the college shooting team. She beat out the five other applicants and was instantly accepted to the team.

Since joining the team, the University of Michigan has earned the NCAA National Championship in 2013 and 2014. Megan will be speaking with all the students about competitive shooting and will also be displaying various gear that is used to compete on the collegiate level.

“None of this would be possible without Wildlife Unlimited of Dickinson County. In this age where the shortage of ammunition drove prices way up, WUDC not only found the supply for this camp but also paid for it,” stated Anthony Erickson, camp coordinator. “Passing on the tradition of our hunting and shooting sports is very important. WUDC had demonstrated their commitment by teaming up with 4-H and making this camp possible. A huge ‘thank uou’ to Wildlife Unlimited of Dickinson County.”