Model of society


This is a direct reply to “Am I going crazy or what” and his letter concerning the thought of eating dogs in Saturday, June 28’s paper.

What I find the most disconcerting about the letter is the suggestion that we use third world nations as a model of society to emulate into our own values and beliefs. Possibly then we could follow the beliefs of former Ugandan leader Idi Amin’s in how to deal with people.

He was an interesting chap. If he hated you he would have you beheaded and store your head in his refrigerator. Then, whenever he would think of you he would take the head out of the fridge and beat on it. (I am sure Freud would have had a field day with that behavior.) I guess it is an interesting way to alleviate one’s frustrations. I am just not so certain our society would find such behavior acceptable. (I won’t print what he had done to one of his wives who had an affair.)

To be forthright, if you are going to look to the third world for ideas to implement into our society, the question should not be are you going crazy. It’s obvious you are already there.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain