Volp death case open

IRON MOUNTAIN – On July 6, 2009, the body of an Iron Mountain man who had been missing for months was recovered from a creek in northern Marinette County.

Five years later, the case of 28-year-old Eric Volp’s disappearance and homicide remains an open and active investigation.

Authorities in both Iron Mountain and Marinette County declined to comment on any specifics of the case that have not already been made public.

However, Acting Iron Mountain Police Chief Ed Mattson noted that the case is still a priority.

“We meet with Marinette County periodically and will continue to meet,” he said. “The investigation is very active, it’s never stopped.”

Volp’s father, Steven Volp, and his aunt, Maria Volp, expressed that they are grateful for the help provided by law enforcement, local media, and the community during both the initial disappearance and when Volp’s body was found.

“We’re still hopeful that there will be a resolution to this,” said Steven.

“Although we don’t know who those who killed Eric were, God does, and I pray that He will have mercy on them,” Maria added.

Volp, who was a nearly lifelong resident of New Berlin, Wis., had moved to Iron Mountain in December 2007 to live with Maria.

He was last seen at the North Stables Pub on Fourth Street in Iron Mountain in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008. Police investigation revealed that he had made several short calls from his cell phone between 2:19 a.m. and 2:42 a.m. that day.

Maria reported him missing on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008, when he did not show up to go to church with her.

Numerous search parties, involving community volunteers and authorities, were organized in an effort to locate Volp.

“He was diabetic, so there was the possibility that he had gotten sick,” said Mattson. “We scoured Millie Hill for days and days, we put hundreds of hours in.”

Almost nine months after Volp had been reported missing, a trout fisherman discovered a body in K.C. Creek, south of U.S. 8, in Dunbar, Wis. The location is about 20 miles southwest of Iron Mountain.

Authorities identified the body as Volp through a unique neck tattoo and dental records. They believed it was possible that the body could have been in the creek since October 2008.

Autopsy results revealed the Volp had sustained blunt trauma to his chest, trauma to his head, and several broken bones. It was not believed that he had drowned.

A cause of death was not determined at the time, and Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve declined to comment on if a cause of death has since been determined. He could only confirm that the case is being considered a homicide.

The investigation remains a joint effort between authorities in both Iron Mountain and Marinette County.

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