A rude awakening


I wonder what it’s going to take to wake us up? Groups of people want to take God out of almost everything and everywhere.

Out of schools, public places, and at the VAs they have to either cover or drape Christian objects to neutralize the chapel when not in use so as not to offend “other” religions. This is the United States of America for heavens sake, people, we have to wake up.

No nativity allowed here, the 10 commandments not allowed there, and no prayer allowed somewhere else, and God’s name isn’t to be mentioned in our pledge or national anthem. The only time you hear God’s name mentioned is as a cuss word or OMG.

And, let me tell you, people aren’t afraid to use it as those.

Don’t be fooled, we are in for a rude awakening. Write, call, use the computer.

Pastors, start a letter writing campaign. Please let’s band together and fight for our rights. These rulings need to be reversed. No one, someone needs to be you.

Mary Beth Schupp