Stand up and be counted


This is in response to the letter to the editor “A matter of common sense.”

God did not call for Christians to be silent. Are you saying Christians should become passive punching bags in the name of diversity? The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. To everyone. Including Christians.

Many Christians have succumbed to the political correctness of our age along with the culture.

As to your reference to Timothy 2:12, God asks all Christians to stand up for Christ. Men and women. Nice try though. Thanks for the belly laugh.

That being said, over the course of history, men have come to a new understanding of woman’s place in society. Even the church as a whole has evolved in its understanding of the significance of women in society. Even if you haven’t.

Yes, I agree, this country is diverse. With many beliefs, religions, opinions , races, cultures etc. This does not mean Christians should stand silent while their rights are being violated, trampled on and mocked.

Stand up and be counted. In the past, the present and the future. Not just in the “good old days.”

I feel very fortunate to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution. I have come to understand that we have an important role in making sure these freedoms are passed on to our children and future generations.

Without our Constitution, the U.S. probably would not exist today, at least in any form we’d recognize. The Constitution provided a framework for both continuation and change, because both are necessary for a country to keep going. Whether there are 3.5 million people or 300 million.

Kathleen Kohn

Iron Mountain