Tyrannical government


This is about democracy’s enemies, foreign and domestic.

Strategies: Hoping to change U.S. democratic system into a government controlled socialistic system, capture both houses in 2014 via mainstream media’s false allegations; racism/inequality; against conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers.

Goals: Bankrupt U.S. through uncontrolled borrowing/spending, corrupt U.S. voting process, elevate drug addiction, disarm law abiding citizens, negate U.S. border securities, create internal class/racial conflicts dividing U.S. citizens, thus Obama becomes dictator via his Marshall Law before 2016.

Agenda: Create a socialistic state that’ll authorize United Nations unilateral governance over a confederation of nations, including U.S., as defined within the UN’s “One World Order Plans and Strategies” (OWOPS), weakened U.S. border securities, rewarding foreign criminals for violating U.S. immigration laws via Obama’s socialist entitlement/education programs, amnesty, fast track citizenship.

Democracy’s enemies openly attack Americas morals, ethics, and social norms. Detest individualism, capitalism, personal accountability/responsibility, positive work ethics, traditional marriages, freedom of speech/religion, our Constitution, and patriotic citizens’ rights to bare arms.

Democracy’s enemies finance eco terrorist litigations against U.S. transportation systems, agricultural, forestry, mining, fossil fuel, and manufacturing industries via falsified climate change/global warming documents and backdoor EPA land/water grab policies sponsored/enacted via bought and paid for political puppets controlled by bureaucrats, wall street elitists, unions, via corrupt presidential administration.

Democracies enemies want our judiciary system regulated by the “World Court” once Obama enters the UN “Small Arm’s Treaty” defined within the (OWOPS) and Obama’s Marshall Law enacted March 16, 2012, via presidential executive order within U.S. National Defense Readiness Policies.

Democracy’s enemies applauded Obama apologizing to our Islamic enemies, denouncing America/our allies, destroying U.S. economy, gutting U.S. defense budget, crippling U.S. military readiness/defensive capabilities.

Obama’s socialistic affordable healthcare, environmental, economic, and immigration policies intentionally increase unemployed numbers to advance governmental control over an upcoming new majority, welfare recipients.

Obama’s socialist ideologies/philosophies assures non-workers government handouts will continue via increased/new taxation of workers to finance Obama’s domestic/foreign socialistic wealth redistribution policies.

America’s continued declining economy’s directly related to government taxing jobs out of America, financing Obama’s increased contributions to “Universal Equality” via “Universal Wealth Redistribution” strategies within UN (OWOPS).

Thus, U.S. standard of living declines via increased cost of living/taxation while foreign nations’ standards of living rises drastically at U.S. workers expense.

Wake-up, America’s freedoms, liberties, and our nation’s sovereignty are being attacked through an out of control, corrupt, tyrannical government covertly controlled by left-wing anti-capitalistic/anti-America foreign elitists and U.S. born traitors.

Ray Wickstrom