DeRoeck speaks to Golden K on new services at The Daily News

By Orice Walters

For The Daily News

KINGSFORD – Decorations from the Presbyterian Vacation Bible School welcomed the Golden Krs and friends as GK met June 23.

Singing of several oldies along with an always-favorite hymn “How Great Thou Art” was a good start for the week.

Right on time at 10 a.m. Chairman Dr. Paul Jacobs rapped the gavel to begin with the pledge to the American flag.

Happy Birthday was sung for GKrs with birthdays this week: Gil Engel, Vernell Gendron, Marjorie Desmaires and Orice Walters.

Guests were welcomed with the singing of the GK Welcome Song.

Guests included Orice’s sisters, Marge Nelson and Betty Brocker, whose presence was a pleasant surprise on her birthday. Also visiting was Ron Jouppi’s sister Vivian Johnson from Lansing and the program speaker Corky DeRoeck of The Daily News.

Music director Margaret Trudell announced a change in the date of the Strawberry Festival at the Gazebo in Kingsford. The Golden Throats will be singing for the Festival which is Sunday afternoon July 13.

Happy Pedo read the Happy Dollars.

Ben Detterman was happy to see his grandson in the Wisconsin top 100 High School Basketball Players games.

Paul Ward was happy for great local entertainment at the Braumart for “‘Annie Get Your Gun” and the dinner show play produced by Gail Galotta at Mikes on Main.

John Corson said “back from Oklahoma and happy to rejoin one of the world’s great geriatric singing organization.” (We think he meant GK and the Golden Throats.) Ron Jouppi and Orice were both happy to have their sister’s at GK. Gilbert Engel is happy for health and another year to look forward to. LaVerne Calcari was happy to read the Letter to the Editor about the VA Chapel written by “yours truly.”

Paul Ward was happy to win the 50/50.

Chairman Dr. Paul reminded GK members that their picnic is at Cowboy Lake on July 7 and the cost will be $5 per person. Give your $5 to Don Pedo, GK picnic collecting agent.

Vance Uhazie introduced the program speaker, Corky DeRoeck, advertising manager for The Daily News.

DeRoeck is a native of Norway. His family lived in many different states when he was growing up. He served in the U.S. Air Force. As he nears retirement age he and his wife decided to return to the U.P. and Norway. They previously had been in their own business so he said he use to buy advertising and is now selling it.

He explained some of The Daily News history, saying it has served the local communities for 94 years delivering local news and sports. It started printing in 1921. It is presently owned by Ogden Publishing of Michigan.

He said, “Advertising is helping big box stores and little family owned shops with reach and impact.”

The primary mission of The Daily News is to bring local news. They are committed to local news not national. He said, “Local newspapers are staying strong.” They are dependent on local business advertising and they build a new product six days a week.

The years have brought many changes in how they build the daily paper.

In earlier years ads were made with the use of lithograph, type set word ads, clip art, and hand printed display ads. It was printed right here in Iron Mountain.

Technology has helped the newspaper with quicker and easier production.

Presently the paper is built on paper first, called a dummy, and then built electronically on a computer. It is then sent to a machine in Powers, that converts it to hard aluminum plates. He showed samples of two pages on the aluminum plate. That plate is then placed on a press and run with 15,000 to 17,000 copies produced in one hour.

The local paper employs 37 people in Iron Mountain; 110 carriers; and 28 people in the Powers Printing facility.

Recently an improvement has been made in color and the full newspaper can be seen and read online. It allows the paper to be read daily on computer or tablet, worldwide. It is free to all home subscribers. People can get an E-subscription of The Daily News in its’ entirety, by logging on and using a password. E-subscribers can buy annual, quarterly, bi-annual E-subscriptions by calling or e-mailing The Daily News.

E-subscriptions are popular with out of towners, snowbirds, and servicemen and women.

DeRoeck answered many questions from the audience. We learned that several of those present at GK were newspaper carriers in their youth.

We were also told that Warren Buffet is buying only local newspapers.

Our thanks to DeRoeck for a very interesting program including the latest E-services being provided by The Daily News.

June 30 Golden K program will be about Trico with presenters Christine Kruppstadt and Jim Hord.

GK meetings are at the Presbyterian Church in Kingsford, every Monday morning from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Visitors are always welcome.

The Golden Throats will be singing at Hylands on Wednesday, July 2.