Biased climate scientists


The earth is not getting warmer and humans are not a significant influence on our climate.

he computer climate models are wrong. The earth has not experienced the computer predicted catastrophic rise in temperatures. In fact the earth’s temperature has remained almost constant for the last 17 years.

I’m sure you locals can remember our last coldest winter in almost 100 years. Our Great Lakes were almost 100 percent frozen over for the first time in decades. A research vessel went to the polar ice sheet to measure the “thinning ice” last winter and got stuck in the thicker than usual ice. Two rescue ice breakers also got stuck in the ice.

Climate is affected by far too many variables for a computer models to be reliable. You may have heard the phrase, “garbage in – garbage out.”

Back in the late ’60s I was teaching physical science to 8th graders and I too was duped by the unfounded theory of global warming that was already in the text books.

I’m sorry to say that I dutifully discussed the likely possibility that the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide would be responsible for a tremendous rise in temperatures, melting of the polar ice caps causing a rise of 10 to 12 feet in ocean levels, food production problems, and unprecedented numbers of hurricanes. It just didn’t happen.

A June 13 letter (“Humans are responsible”) said the fact that the earth’s climate is getting warmer and is caused by humans is supported by 97 percent of climate scientists. It must be true since our truthful and transparent president recently tweeted the number. What is almost never revealed when that statistic is used by the promoters of global warming is that it’s 97 percent of “published” climate scientists.

That is critical to understanding the biased consensus of these scientists. Biased government politicians and bureaucrats award millions of dollars in grants to biased climate scientists who propose studies on the effects of global warming. The biased results get “published” in the scientific journals of professional organizations run by the scientists who get the grants.

The grant recipients eagerly help the politicians get re-elected and the politicians have an excuse to raise your taxes with your blessing so they can save the human race from extinction. The “deniers” get no grant money and have no place to publish.

Actually a recent survey of all climate scientists found that the majority do believe that man has some effect on climate change but only 1 percent said that humans cause most of the warming. Ever since big government got into the science arena the scientific conclusions have become highly suspect. We now have to be able to tell the difference between good science and politically correct science.

A case in point is that this government and the medical community have had the whole nation on the wrong diet for decades. The nation’s public policy was based on botched studies. The diet probably has done more harm than good. Turns out Dr. Atkins was right. Saturated fats do not cause heart disease and meat, cheese, and butter are good for you.

Watch out! Our president is about to use his phone and pen again to put in place highly restrictive and regulatory requirements controlling that nasty gas carbon dioxide. He got the EPA to declare it a pollutant without congressional approval. This is the gas that you and I exhale when we breathe as well as a product of combustion. It’s the gas that trees, shrubs, and grass need to live and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.

They are going to dictate the amount of carbon emissions that industries can emit by giving them restrictive carbon credits. If you don’t use all of your carbon credits you will be able to trade them on a carbon credit like stock market for cash. These newly invented credits will be like money and have tremendous value.

The president said this plan will, “necessarily cause the cost of energy to skyrocket.” He will finally be right for a change. He didn’t clearly point out that this will also cause your heating costs, gasoline, food, electricity, and everything else you buy to skyrocket also.

Can you imagine how easy it will be for politicians to give their friends carbon credits to help them get rich and help with the re-election campaign? Government and bad science is usually about more money, power, and influence for those in charge.

Use your phone! Call your representatives. Insist that they stop this administration’s takeover of congressional power with their carbon credit scam. Be informed and use your vote at the ballot box wisely.

James Wilcheck

Iron Mountain