Meals have been taken


It was brought to our attention that the DICSA Governing Board has scheduled a special meeting for 10 a.m., Thursday, June 19, at the Crystal Falls Senior Center at Crystal Falls.

The only item on the agenda will be to get the 14 person Governing Board to give exclusive permission to a few persons, who call themselves the DICSA Governing Board Executive Committee, approval to hire a new Dickinson-Iron Community Services Agency Executive Director.

DICSA has not been successful in employing an Executive Director who has been able to move the agency and its programs forward instead of backward since the demise of the Iron County Community Service Agency when DICSA was started.

Regardless of the outcome of this special meeting, the public must see that the person hired is one that will represent all of the citizens of Dickinson and Iron counties.

This person controls all of the senior meal programs in Dickinson, Iron and Baraga counties and controls millions of federal and state dollars and grants.This person also controls thousands of dollars of senior millage money that is meant for the senior centers.

The public should attend this meeting and be heard. The seniors have seen how the meals have been taken away from them when there has been plenty of senior millage money to spend on them.

I am a Dickinson County senior citizen, taxpayer and voter.

Gerald McCole