It is in our unity


I am writing in response to the letter to the editor, “Too much diversity.”

All the people writing letters to the editor, concerning the removal of God in our society, I doubt are sitting around pining away for the “good old days.”

There is an ever-growing attack on Christians in the name of political correctness.

Christians in this country are under enormous pressure, from government, from activist groups, and, increasingly, from a judge’s bench, to compromise their faith.

Christians should stand up and be counted. Verbally endorse their convictions.

Speak out against those who are trying to destroy the ethics and system of moral principles that made our society great.

The foundation of our culture and our government is crumbling rapidly.

“It is now becoming manifestly clear that Christians are the new whipping boys of secularists, Hollywood actors and celebrities, liberal politicians, Jews, Muslims, Gays and America’s intellectual elite.” -David W. Virtue

As far as the economy being stabilized, tell that to the 47 million families on food stamps and the 50 million people in poverty.

Americans not in the labor force exploded to a new all time high of 91.8 million. Hitting levels not seen since 1978.

Last fall a DOL briefing put real unemployment at 37 percent with underemployment just below 50 percent (the unemployment number includes first-time filers, long-term unemployment recipients, those ineligible to receive unemployment but unable to find work, and those who gave up looking for work).

In response to the quote that there would be too much diversity in beliefs to be functional, I believe it is in our unity, not our diversity, that the strength of America resides.

Kathleen Kohn

Iron Mountain