Students create community garden at Niagara school

NIAGARA, Wis. -?Students in ninth grade earth science class at Niagara High School designed projects with the goal of having a real-world positive impact on the environment.

One group, consisting of Hannah Antonissen, Trevor Schultz, and Aaron Vaness, decided to make a community garden.

They led the whole process, including designing the dimensions and location of the garden, getting administrative approval, ordering fencing, and holding a fundraiser (they bagged groceries at Econo foods).

Recently they led a group of volunteers in putting the fencing up and getting it ready. The garden is now ready to be planted, and they are looking for people who would like a plot.

It is divided into six plots, with one already spoken for. There is a $20 fee to help with upkeep, and the gardeners are responsible for their own water, plants/seeds, etc.

Interested people should contact Hannah Antonissen via email at to check availability.