And the minions took heart

The cell phone companies declared “Thou shalt not shop alone” and the minions took heart.

How often do we encounter a person with a cell phone plastered to their ear, yakking away while shopping? Have we reached the point where we can’t even shop without being connected?

The other day, I was in the cosmetic aisle where a young woman was holding the most intense conversation. All I wanted to do was pick up a bottle of Oil of Old Lady. With today’s over-merchandising, there were at least a dozen options so I wanted to look over the selections. But wait. Could I? No, I could not get near the shelf because Gabby Abby was blocking the way.

Maybe Emily Post should inform us of the proper way to handle this particular situation. I was in a quandary as to what to do.

Being a civilized person, I restrained myself from being rude, but can’t you be phone-free for the half hour or so it takes to do your shopping? I know not everyone is blessed with common sense, but maybe next time I won’t be so civilized.

Still in

bad shape

Raising our utilities again. What do you think us seniors are? We can barely live on our fixed income. Everything going up, taxes included. People in Norway that voted for new streets, where is that money going? Our streets are still in bad shape. Patch, patch, patch.

Are they looking for more money from us taxpayers? Ride around Norway and you will see many homes up for sale. What does that tell you council people? Time to move out I’d say.


and fleeting

Isn’t it interesting that when our economy is struggling in the U.P. and people are concerned about their livelihood the “Shining Knight” comes rolling in?

All the mining companies want is to make a huge profit off of our treasured resources and they’ll be out of here with their millions/billions before the dust settles and we’re left with the damage to our most treasured asset – the great outdoors.

The jobs these companies provide for local people will be minimal and fleeting. Just look at the history of mining. It only lasts as long as the resources are available.

As “Yoopers” we need to look at the long term consequences of mining and ask “Is it worth the ‘price’ we will eventually pay?”

Like an


It seems that there is an unofficial Norway Speedway open to the public all year long. It is Highway 8/Brown Street.

At all hours of the day and night, trucks and cars going both directions go by so fast and the heavier trucks cause our homes to shake and quiver like an earthquake. The 25 mph speed limit is totally disregarded. Coming into town on Highway 2 the speed gradually decreases from 55 mph to 30 mph but Highway 8/Brown Street it drops from 55 mph to 25 mph right at the edge of the residential district.

We residents of Brown Street in Norway deserve the same speed reduction as Highway 2. Maybe a stop sign or two could help the situation.

Also if the police would park at different intersections along Brown Street for a few minutes throughout the day instead of at the Krist gas station they could catch the speeders and as a result increase revenue for the city with the traffic fines. In these tough times a little extra income would always be welcome.



Is there a difference in criminal intent?

One walks in a quickie mart with a gun to make some money, and someone gets killed. We all know that is murder, and he goes to prison, hopefully for life because he deserves it.

Another one manufactures cars that they know are lethal for ten years. They don’t issue a recall but do collect multi-million dollar bonuses.

Our attorney general is making a lot of noise during his re-election campaign. He should return any political contributions this corporation has sent him and bring the full force of the law against these corporate killers. Prosecute equally and you get my vote.

Has ended

the Iraq war

Someone going crazy wants to know how the Obama thing is working out. For starters he has ended the Iraq war. George the liar started that one with lies about weapons of mass destruction. Lies that murdered 5,000 of our troops and 50,000 wounded.

Obama has just about cleaned up the economic mess the banksters and corporate criminals created while George the liar smiled. I hope Obama gets to select a Supreme Court justice so we never get another moron elected five/four.

But most importantly, Obamacare covers mental health so those going crazy get the help they truly need. But don’t break your pills in half to save money. You need the whole dose.

Still waiting

for that

The army of Republican liars are out in full force. Ten bucks an hour minimum wage will destroy jobs. It will hurt the job creators.

Corporations do not create jobs unless the demand is there for what they are selling. Minimum wage people don’t hide money in offshore banks. They spend every penny they make. Consumer spending creates jobs.

Saint Ronnie created trickle down 30 years ago. I’m still waiting for that to work. They rebranded it, calling it tax cuts for job creators. Corporate boards are the ones who made money from trickle down.

Ten bucks an hour and maybe they can buy one of those burgers they are flippin or a tee shirt with a corporate logo on it.


locked up

To the City Council of Iron Mountain, the improvements at City Park were funded with taxpayer dollars.

My question to you is, why are the new bathroom facilities locked up on bocce ball night, which is three nights a week where approximately 160 players are there, including half are women?

Weekends also draw about 50 players and other people. Whose ever idea this is, it’s a stupid one and needs to be thought over and bocce people given a key of their own.

Remember our taxes also maintain these new bathrooms.

Bocce ball is very popular and has been for over 20 years. Also, there is no key for bathroom facilities for the handicapped who attend bocce ball games.

Anger and


A letter last week brought up the subject of Eddie Slovik an his death by firing squad for desertion in World War II. It is true that of the 50,000 American deserters in the European World War II theater, Slovik was the only one executed. Forty-nine others were sentenced to death.

Most of these were given years at hard labor.

Though not named, it was implied that there may be a connection to the Bowe Bergdahl case. It might be good to remember the misinformation first presented in both Pat Tillman’s death and the rescue of Jessica Lynch. Both went from heroic fire fights to something much different. In Tillman’s case, he was killed by “friendly fire.” Lynch was being well cared for in a hospital.

We will have to wait and rely on the proper investigations. Just because we hear a pretty face on TV say something several dozen times doesn’t make it true.

These so-called news people seldom leave their cushy, air conditioned offices. It is unlikely many have served a day of active service in their lives.

Their livelihood depends on inciting anger and division.

Make your

own opinion

This is in response to the city of Norway’s Council meeting on Jan. 6. I was appalled at a racist comment made by one of the “newly elected” council members while I watched the meeting online.

I believe this comment was uncalled for, and it saddens me to think that this member is being “fair” in his voting on any city issues, especially those involving women.

I would encourage you to upload the meeting, and make your own opinion on this matter.

Always the

same person

We have caller ID on our telephone. Several times in the last few months, the name and phone number of an Iron Mountain resident has shown up on our caller ID. It is always the same person.

We answer the phone only to find it is a credit card telemarketer. We have no way to find out where the call is coming from.

Is this happening to anyone else?


of freedom

On this first one year anniversary of the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA spying on us I have to say that he is guilty of ruining my state of blissful ignorance.

Before Snowden I didn’t know that the NSA was tracking every phone call I make and tracking every place I go.

And what’s really terrible about Snowden is that no one is saying that the stuff he revealed isn’t true. Just that he wasn’t supposed to say it.

So Snowden, thanks for ruining my state of blissful ignorance and the state of blissful ignorance of the American people.

Now we have to be concerned about things that no one otherwise knew was happening. It’s your fault Snowden that my illusion of freedom and the rule of law has been ruined.

Who are you to assume that we want to know the truth in a nation where the right to believe whatever we want is our most cherished and most often exercised right.

Leaving the

project undone

City of Norway, how long do we have to look at the mess at Strawberry Lake?

Maybe those trees had to be removed, but leaving the project undone is an eyesore. I enjoyed the shade for walking, but not anymore. Hope you get the job done, but I won’t see any shade in my lifetime.